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Caritas India Nutrition Campaign gains new momentum among the SABAR PVTGs of Dumaria in Jharkhand

Caritas India’s Campaign against Malnutrition – “Poshan Hammara Haq” is catching momentum gradually with our partners and the village communities. Five Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) villages Forest Block, Madotoliya, Bankishole, Dumuria and Rangamatiya in Dumaria Block in Jharkhand is home to the SABAR PVTG groups. Sharamjivi Mahila Samiti, one of Civil Society Organisation in Gram Nirman has taken up “Nutrition our right” message to the community. Gram Nirman is indeed a multi-dimension intervention programme supported through the Caritas Australia and facilitated by local NGOs in partnership with Caritas India in the state of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

Located around 60 km from the busy Industrial city of Jamshedpur, Dumaria is relatively a sparsely populated town of sabar PVTGs villages within the radius of approximately 25 km. The Shramjivi Mahila Samity is working in Dumuria block since two decades on different issues like Health, Education, Sanitation, Women Empowerment, Livelihood, Migration Trafficking, Strengthening of Gram Sabha etc. The Gram Nirman Programme covers 3199 households with 13110 population. The total PVTGs households covered are 77 population is mere 294, where male account for 157 and the female 137.

The sabar were once a nomadic people some 3 decades ago. They have settled and mostly depend of the minor forest process for the sustenance. The Landholding is negligible, and agriculture is meagre with no sustainable income. They collect honey, wild fruits and minor forest produces to make a living.