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:: About CEROWC Organization ::

Cyriac Elias Rural Organization for Women and Children (CEROWC) is a voluntary organization incorporated in accordance with the Societies Registration Act,vide Reg.No.25806/1993(FCRA, 12A & 80G of Income Tax) initiated and animated by the Congregation of Mother of Carmel (CMC), Bhopal Province, to promote the development of the rural families, especially the women and children through various schemes and activities.

CEROWC commenced its activities in 1991 from its registered office situated at Deepdi, Misrod, Bhopal and attained the legal status in 1993. CEROWC has a new unit at village Chottakheda, Kolar Road, Bhopal for extended outreach and coverage. Over a period of twenty five years, the organization has conceived projects and programs in collaboration with various National and International donors and contributed to address contributed to address key issues like poverty, health, literacy, CBO initiatives, children, livelihood, skill development, gender balance, agriculture, infrastructure development, Natural Resource Management and construction of Water Harvesting Structures(WHS) etc.

The professionals and experts with vast experience in social work guide the organization and it has a team of dedicated and trained personnel. The development intervention reached more than 50000 people in 90 rural villages of Bhopal, Raison and Sehore districts of Madhya Pradesh and paved the way for a peaceful and blissful life of the rural poor.

After 25 years of dedicated service for the rural poor the organization has 500 women Self Help Groups (SHGs) with 6500 empowered women affiliated with it. Many of them have become people's representatives at Panchayat level. 90 Village Developmental Committee have been formed and strengthened . They work in close collaboration with the organization to realize the project goals in their respective villages. There are more than 150 grain banks functioning in these villages and farmers gain profitability at the rate of 40% per annum. This assures availability of grain and seed round the year and creates a feeling of security in the minds of the group members as food is always within their reach. About 400 damaged houses have been renovated and thatched roof fixed for more than 500 houses. 1000 independent toilets have been constructed in 90 villages and massive awareness program on the use of toilets have been provided which resulted in changing the age old behavior of the people defecating in the open. More than 1500 small farmers have been sensitized and trained in organic farming methods and sustainable agriculture methods. 900 small farmers improved almost 2000 acres of land under land development activities which enabled agriculture production and income. Check dams are constructed and small ponds are dug to optimize the use of seasonal rains with the participation of people and distributed irrigation pumps and equipment. Livestock units and IGP activities reduced the dependence on money lenders and migration. 350 youth were trained in different trades and made employment and entrepreneurship.

The focal point of all activities is the holistic development of less privileged women and children. Thus we aim at a development which needs to be true and integral because the primary capital to be safe guarded and valued is "THE MAN", the human person in his/her integrity. Man is the source, the focus and aim of all economic and social life. This objective is materialized through various strategies and steps, creating a congenial atmosphere for sustainable development and eliminating social and economic barriers for a dignified family life of the rural poor.

:: Vision ::
Happy and peaceful family life of the Rural poor.
:: Mission ::
  • Human resource development by improving the general standard of education, health awareness and promotion of organizational activities.
  • Economic development of the villages through various income generating schemes.
  • Infra structural development in collaboration with the villagers viz. housing, san
:: Strategies ::
  • Capacity building of staff of CEROWC
  • Capacity building of CBO members, leaders of SHGs ,Federations, Village Development Committees,Farmers clubs
  • Advocacy for awareness on basic human rights: to food, to cloth, to shelter, to health and to education.
  • Networking with Governments and NGOs.
  • Covering 100% beneficiaries in the target area through formation of Community Based Organization.